How Pawnbroking Works

Kedai Pajak Gadai | Maxi-Cash Malaysia

What is pawning?

The idea behind pawning items is quite simple. People pawn items when they wish to exchange them for money, and pawn brokers can then sell these items on to new customers.

You get to clear out some of the clutter and enjoy a quick, easy cash injection, and someone else gets to enjoy these items that would otherwise be collecting dust in your basement – everyone wins!

How does pawnbroking works

Pawning your old stuff is a very straightforward process. Come into Maxi-Cash Malaysia, your trusted pawnbroker in Malaysia, and bring along the valuables that you wish to exchange for cash. Be sure to also bring valid forms of ID so that we can verify your identity.

One of our professional pawn brokers will assess your valuables and give you a free estimate of how much money we can offer you for your items. The more information you can give us about the items, the more accurately and efficiently we can assess its value and name a price.

If you decide you are happy with the amount of money that we offer you, Maxi-Cash Malaysia can proceed with giving you an instant cash loan, right there in the store… it’s as simple as that!

Once the agreed loan period is over, you can either redeem your valuables or pay the interest charged and renew the loan – the choice is yours!

Kedai Pajak Gadai | Maxi-Cash Malaysia
Kedai Pajak Gadai | Maxi-Cash Malaysia

What can I pawn at a pawnbroker?

At Maxi-Cash Malaysia, we accept gold jewellery, platinum jewellery, diamond jewellery and other luxury items such as designer handbags, Rolex watches, necklaces, bracelets and so on. Maxi-Cash is very transparent about our competitive rates as a pawnbroker, because we know that we offer the best deals in town!

Bring in the items you wish to pawn and our pawnbrokers will happily discuss whether we can accept them, and how much cash we can offer you for them.

Get the Best Value and Guarantee from our Pawnbrokers

We accept gold bars, gold jewellery from 9K gold content, gold jewellery with gemstones, platinum jewellery, diamond jewellery, luxury timepieces and branded bags. Simply whatsapp us at +60 17-208 2460, or submit an online valuation or visit us at any of our stores today!

Simply visit Maxi-Cash Malaysia at Johor Bahru (Johor Jaya, Masai or Bandar Baru Uda) and Petaling Jaya (Bandar Sunway Mentari or Sungai Way) to enjoy free valuation today.

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