4 Easy Ways To Verify Real Gold

How do you know your gold is the real deal? We give you four easy ways to verify real gold.

Is all that glitters gold? Not necessarily. There is a lot of fake gold in the market, but thankfully there are also many ways to spot fake gold. In this guide, we give you four easy ways to verify real gold.

1) Look for the hallmark. This is the official marking found on the clasps of chains and inner bands of rings. The hallmarks are represented as initials: GP (Gold plated), GF (Gold filled) or GEP (Gold electroplated). These stampings indicate the type of gold plating on the jewellery piece.

2) Look at the colour and feel its weight. Jewellery with higher gold content is heavier and has a richer, warmer tone.

3) Perform a magnet test. Home appliances like refrigerator doors, microwave ovens and doorbells act as good magnet tests. Unlike most metals, gold is not magnetic and should not stick to a magnet.

4) Perform an acid test. Make a tiny scratch on the touchstone using the gold jewellery. Drop some nitric acid onto the scratch. If there is a visible reaction, then the presumed gold is fake — real gold should not produce a reaction.  Still have doubts about the authenticity of the gold you own? Visit your nearest Maxi-Cash store for professional valuation service.

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